Freedom of Speech.. unless you curse.

Today's 7 Words: censorship, persecution, asinine, obtuse, self-righteous, pedantic, myopic

I'm tired of certain individuals and groups telling other individuals what they cannot say, at least in the context of our civilization. I am sick of the government, religious groups, and other nut-jobs telling me that my right to say whatever the hell I want is less important than their right not to hear it. Anyone in this country, who wants to change the laws to impose their belief system, morals or censorship ideas on the people who DO NOT believe in it, is an obtuse, pedantic, windbag living outside of the realities of society, and especially the society of this great country.

For instance the myopic James O'Connor, in book called "Curse Control" says this: "...Today we seem to think the rights of the individual take precedent over the comfort of the majority." Well NO FUCKING SHIT! Of course the rights of the individual are more important, that is what freedom is. Anything else is unnesscary censorship. If we only respected the rights of the majority, blacks would still be slaves, women wouldn't vote (or drive, wait that could be a good thing :) just kidding ladies), and we would be forced into whatever religion had killed enough people to put itself into power at that moment. Isn't that what we fought a war with England about? Everyone having the right to believe and do what they wanted? No one is making a case to ban prayer in public.

Unless it's in a government institution, which has a point, I wouldn't want to be forced to pray in school, stopping voluntary prayer is a mixed bag I won't get into yet.

If we were they would be all over us. If we do not protect the rights of the minority, in almost any situation, then we are not a free country. Most religions can look to their own history to understand why the U.S. has constitutional laws that protect people from persecution.

A generally bastardized quotation states that: "Profanity is the last refuge of the intellectually bankrupt." I agree, there often are more articulate, creative ways to express oneself. However sometimes "FUCK" is a lot easier than saying "gosh, golly-gee, that hurt!" Swearing isn't a one-size fits all solution, just look at rap music :) I can't even understand that crap. But then again I'm not a self-righteous idiot who is lobbing congress to ban it.

And that ladies and gentleman, is entirely the point. There are plenty of things I don't agree with, chiefly racists, and other intolerant people. Especially those morons from Kansas who protest at the funerals of soldiers and others because "God hates [gays]." But I would lay down my life to protect their freedom to say whatever they want, no matter how much I disagree with it. No speech, even hate speech, is worth censoring, because it's too slippery a slope. No matter how much we disagree with what someone says, we *do not* have the right to keep them from saying it. My moral indignation and offense over what someone else says does not give me the right to shut them up.

So remember, if you don't like it, change the channel, leave the room, go hang out with "safe" people who hold the same beliefs as you. And for god sakes don't park your children in front of the T.V. for hours like it's a baby-sitter, and then complain when they see something you'd rather they hadn't. That's simply asinine. Me? I'll be the asshole saying anything I want to because it's my right to shock anyone dumb enough not to walk away from me. I'll be debating religion with Atheists and Christians, abortion with pro-lifers and pro-choicers, and politics with Republicans and Democrats. And look out, I might be swearing while I do it.

The BEST 7 words...

Shit, Piss, Fuck, Cunt, Cocksucker, Motherfucker & Tits.

I'm partial to #3, #4, #5, and of course #7. #2, but only when I have to go #1, and #1, but only when I have to go #2.

I always wondered if he got those first two backwards. Shouldn't it be Piss, Shit..... That way #1, would be #1, and #2 would be... well you get the point.


I felt it was only appropriate to start a blog called 7 words, with those now (in)famous words. I'll primarily be making social commentary, and only occasional rantings about my own life... Hopefully someone will be paying attention, and might even take a second to think.